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Hi There. I am Verushka Rajagopaul nee Bhagaloo, aka VerushkaBR, from South Africa. I am a Happiness Consultant, where I help people and organisations lead a more successful and happy life.

Being happy is a human right! To not be happy is a sin. You may think that it is just how life is meant to be, and you have accepted it. But perhaps you never knew that it is possible to be happy, and that happiness is not difficult to achieve.

Join my community, where I will help guide you on this journey to happiness, for yourself and those around you. Just fill out your details below.



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As a Happiness Consultant, I offer public speaking and workshops or seminars to improve the productivity and happiness of your team members and employees. I speak on real solutions to real problems. Morale is significantly enhanced. If this is what you seek, get in contact with me today.